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Top 10 Investment Banks

Top 10 Investment Banks. This article records the Top 10 full administration worldwide speculation banks, with a short early on depiction and late pay subtleties of each, in view of a mix of the previously mentioned parameters. Despite the fact that speculation banks have much more capacities (like retail banking) which may not really fall inside venture banking space, the rundown beneath shows the first class banks and their numbers in general. Subtleties explicit to venture banking division are incorporated, in light of accessible information, as of February 2018. For more top 10 topics visit Top10lists.

Top 10 Investment BanksTop 10 Investment Banks

Goldman Sachs

Top 10 Investment Banks. One of the most seasoned financial firms established in 1869 and headquartered in New York City, GS offers a wide scope of administrations spread crosswise over four divisions – speculation banking, institutional customer administrations, contributing and loaning and venture the board. Goldman Sachs detailed net incomes of $32.07 billion for 2017 financial year, of which venture banking division contributed $7.37 billion. The income produced in the venture banking division was the most elevated among all divisions. Profit per share was $9.01 for 2017.

JP Morgan Chase

Top 10 Investment Banks. One of the biggest speculation banks, JPM Chase announced net incomes of $99 billion for FY 2017, of which venture banking income contributed $34.5 billion. EPS was $6.31. “The firm has $2.53 trillion in resources and $255 billion in investors’ value” and works in 60 nations with in excess of 260,000 representatives with a differentiated arrangement of administrations. Aside from venture banking, it likewise works in customer and network banking, business banking, resource and riches the board, and corporate.


Top 10 Investment Banks. Established in 1896, the London, UK based venture bank hit the features for charges about gear of London interbank rates and news about the enormous number of occupation cuts all around in 2013. Supported by a solid workforce of 139,600 representatives internationally, the 2016 yearly report demonstrates the absolute salary of £21,451 million of which the venture banking section added to £10,533 million. In general, EPS was £-0.12. Alongside speculation banking, it has a solid nearness in retail and business banking and card preparing business.

Bank of America Corporation

Top 10 Investment Banks. Bank of America Corporation is an American global banking and money related administrations organization that offers a wide exhibit of banking administrations including venture banking, contract, exchanging, business and card administrations. Working in 40 nations over the globe with all-out net gain of $18.23 billion in FY 2017, the venture banking division contributed $6,953 million. The general EPS was $1.56 for 2017.

Morgan Stanley 

Top 10 Investment Banks. Situated in Germany and recorded on New York stock trade, Deutsche Bank revealed a net income of EUR 26.4 billion, somewhere around 12% year-on-year. One of the biggest money-related administrations firms of Europe, DB has some expertise in the cross fringe instalments, global exchange financing, money the executives, card administrations, home loan, protection and the typical venture banking stream. Deutsche has a worldwide nearness with tasks in 71 nations.


Top 10 Investment Banks. Following its underlying foundations back to the starting point of Citibank in 1812, Citi has 219,000 workers with business and tasks in 160 nations starting at 2016. Of the all-out incomes of $71.4 billion revealed for 2017, commitments from speculation banking rose 20% from the earlier year to $5.17 billion. EPS was – $2.76. The bank has a solid nearness in speculation banking, venture the executives, private banking and card preparing streams.

Credit Suisse

Top 10 Investment Banks. With an overall gain of CHF 20.9 billion and EPS of – 0.41 in the year 2017 (report), the Zurich Switzerland based Credit Suisse assemble established in 1856 today utilizes more than 48,000 individuals over the globe in more than 50 nations. Aside from the ordinary speculation banking business, it likewise has nearness in tax assessment and warning, auxiliary loaning, land renting and venture to investigate administrations.

UBS Group AG

Top 10 Investment Banks. Another Swiss speculation firm established in 1862 and headquartered in Zurich, UBS had a net benefit of $1.25 billion and EPS of $0.32 in the year 2017. The firm has a solid workforce of around 60,000 representatives over the globe with the lion’s share of them in the US and Switzerland. The firm represents considerable authority in administrations to high total assets and ultra-high total assets people, notwithstanding the speculation banking, private, retail and business banking streams.

HSBC Holdings

Top 10 Investment Banks. Another London based money related powerhouse established in 1865 with activity in 75 nations serving 54 million worldwide clients through 235,000 workers, HSBC offers a wide assortment of administrations running from forex, renting, M&A, card preparing, account administrations, venture banking and private banking. Income totalling $ 61.5 billion for the year 2017, up 5% from the prior year. EPS was $1.39.

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