Bill Gates

Top 10 Richest Person in the World 2018-19

  Top 10 Richest Person in the world   10- David Koch David Koch Biography: David Koch is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world, businessman, political activist, a chemical engineer, and philanthropist. David Koch was born on May 03, 1940 in Wichita, Kansas, United States of America. His age is 78 years. His height is 6 ...

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Top 10-Anti Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Who would not wish to be forever young? As the technology advances, no scientist could discover some hint about keeping us young forever. The body varies. As we get older, it becomes weaker and more vulnerable to ailments which contain corrosion of systemic acts. If only we can stop aging but nobody can! Anti-aging foods aid sustain your health to ...

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Top 10 Kitchen Tools Lists

Top 10 Kitchen Tools lists

When going into a new home, you might have a kitchen that’s just fit out using the basic kitchen kit. Only an oven, chairs, tables and so forth. Luckier if you can find plates, many — sized skillets, and pans. It is possible to discover tsp, forks, knives, and spoons. It’s very possible you will still want more kitchen tools ...

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Mukesh Ambani

Top 10 Richest Persons in India 2019

Here to know the Top Richest Persons In India 2019 and Biography, Body Size, Personal Life, Family, net worth and much more. Top Richest Person in India 10 –Cyrus s.poonawalla Cyrus s.pssnawalla Biography: Cyrus s.poonawalla is one of the Top Richest Perso in India. His was born on 1945 in Pune, India.Cyrus s.poonawalla a weight height and age (78kg, 5 ...

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